Email Confirmation

I received an email confirmation, why was my order not processed?

We’re sorry to say, but even obsessive-compulsive fashion geeks like us sometimes experience computer glitches. (And no, it’s not because we’re sitting around, dressing up or painting our nails.) We, like any technology-dependent company, have the odd ‘crash’, the random ‘black hole’, and the occasional printer paper debacle. If we do discover that we have a problem processing your order (and we hope that we’ll discover it before you discover it), we will send an email to explain what happened, and let you know what your options are. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that an unprocessed order might cause.

Processing Returns

Why does it take so long to process a return if I pay extra to send my return by Australia Post Express, FedEx or UPS?
In the Satya James warehouse, product returns are processed on a weekly basis, so that we can have our ‘swap’ specialists take care of every package personally. (We want to understand what you returned, why you returned it, the reason you didn’t want it…)  If for some reason you do need a return processed right away, you can contact Customer Service, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. (Of course, if we haven’t yet received your return, we won’t be able to credit it back to your card.) If you are in a rush for an item you wanted as an exchange, your best bet is to place a new order with us for the item in question, knowing that your returned item will be credited once we process the received package.


Why doesn't the website tell the customer if an item is on backorder/no longer available?
Despite the ongoing rumours of our psychic prowess, it is extremely difficult to predict which fabulous dress or cute little top will fly off our virtual shelves faster than we can re-stock it. We do update our web stock daily to prevent backorders from happening (and items that have been identified as backordered are now flagged daily on our site) but the occasional unbeknownst backorder still slips through. We apologize in advance if you've somehow been caught in that backorder gap. A customer service representative will always let you know if an item you've ordered will be delivered with a delay, or if an item "for reasons beyond our control" is suddenly no longer available.

Removal from Mailing List

Why do I receive newsletter and mailers when I have requested to be removed from your mailing list?
We’re so sorry (and we swear, we’re not newsletter stalkers). Our mailing list requests are processed and updated once per month, and our newsletters are prepared a month in advance, so it’s possible that you may receive one or two residual newsletters after your initial request to be removed. If you really dread our newsletter, we won’t blame you for using it as fireplace kindling.


Shop Satya James Boutique for unique, edgy and stylish fashion creations.  We specialise in eclectic made-to-order bridal wear, bespoke tailoring and couture created especially for dynamic, confident and modern women of all ages and persuasions. Our clothes often have a distinct gypsy/burlesque flair paired with a subtle Victorian-era twist.

2014 Byron Bay - Gypsy Pirate Collection
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